Inner Rhythm Wellness is committed to helping birthing people in the prevention and healing of birth trauma and challenging birth experiences.

Through holistic, trauma-informed, and patient centered physical therapy and somatic-based coaching services, Inner Rhythm Wellness seeks to shift the paradigm of postpartum care including mental health and lifelong wellness.

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Integrative care for every stage of pregnancy, postpartum and beyond :

Preparing for birth and healing postpartum goes beyond what is typically taught in labor and delivery childbirth classes.
Here is how I can help:




  • Prepare for birth through a trauma-informed lens

  • Pelvic floor preparation for labor and delivery

  • Pushing techniques

  • Releasing negative beliefs around birth including those from previous traumatic birth experiences.





  • Mend the pieces of you birth that feel broken after birth.

  • Heal from traumatic or challenging birth experiences

  • Heal and find acceptance within your birth story  

  • Eliminate urinary leakage, vaginal heaviness or prolapse, constipation, bloating, diastasis recti, general weakness, pain with intercourse, scars/tears, body aches and pains through holistic pelvic floor physical therapy




  • Manage the stress of parenthood.

  • Learn how to embrace radical self-care

  • Simple daily practices that nourish you and your nervous system

  • Create calm, compassion, and connection in your life 

  • Get to the root of your low energy and moods

  • Somatic-based health coaching 

  • Energy medicine and lifestyle medicine.

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I am a doctor of physical therapy, somatic based health coach, birth story listener, and creator of The Resilient Mother Method. I am passionate about helping birthing people prepare for an empowered birth and recover following traumatic or challenging birth experiences. My approach is trauma informed and rooted in nervous system healing through an eclectic blend of stress management, coaching, lifestyle medicine, mindfulness, energy medicine, and holistic pelvic floor physical therapy.


In addition, I am Mama to two sweet boys and it is through this journey that I bring my expertise, experience, intuition, and passion together to help birthing people through birth, postpartum, and beyond. I offer birth trauma healing and integrative pelvic floor physical therapy in the Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle, and virtual somatic based coaching services worldwide. 


I’m Dr. Tara Morrison.


What People Are Saying


Bellevue, WA

In working with Tara I've learned the importance of looking at the whole person. She doesn't just look at one issue. She digs deep to find the root cause and then treats it.  She's also made me feel empowered to take back my health. She has a clear passion for women's issues and it drives her care to be the very best. I'm so thankful I found her.


Seattle, WA

I appreciate how Tara heals the whole person. She can switch focus from the mind to the body, and then tie it all together.  My experience working with her was wonderful!  Tara is very intuitive and each session seemed to soothe a different postpartum ache.

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Seattle, WA

I've truly gained so much perspective during my coaching calls and time with Tara. Honestly, four sessions of health coaching were more valuable and insightful (on every level) than my twenty years of therapy combined. I'm so grateful to have had this experience and I plan to continue my coaching calls for a long time to come.

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