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Empowered Birth

Ready to OWN your birth experience?








Wherever you fit on the spectrum of feeling ready (or not) for birth... this program is ESSENTIAL in feeling not just prepared for birth, but Empowered... so you can strut through birth with Alicia Key's "This Girl is on Fire" Energy.

(and I didn't just make that up...that's EXACTLY how one of my clients felt during birth implementing the simple tools you learn in this program)

While traditional childbirth education classes play such an important role in preparing both you and your birth partner for birth, there are gaps in the traditional childbirth education model. This program has been created to fill in those gaps. 

✨Are you ready to feel unwavering belief in your bodies ability to birth?  

✨Are you ready to trust that birth can happen in a safe and empowering way?

✨Are you ready to feel like you can clearly communicate your needs and desires to your birth team ahead of time? 

✨Are you ready to have simple strategies to prepare your pelvic floor for birth AND push your baby out with confidence?

✨Are you ready to embrace a sense of ease knowing you can navigate the unexpected of birth and feel more resourced and supported if challenges do arise?

While we can't plan for everything in birth, we can help you develop the inner resources to navigate the unexpected with more ease and less stress.  Birth and becoming a parent is a rite of passage,  in preparing for this journey ahead of time you can feel more supported and have a smoother recovery and integration process on the other side. 

And even though this program is focused on preparing for birth, I hear time and time again how this program impacts carry on beyond birth in feeling confident in motherhood and more attuned to their emotional wellbeing. 

"I feel so much more at peace with my thoughts about birth and becoming a mother.  I feel as though I am able to acknowledge my feelings and address them in a constructive way rather than ignoring them.  I felt like I was able to take ownership in my birth. Even though a lot of what happened was out of my control I was surprisingly okay with that and felt present through the process."




Imagine you have made it through the biggest event of your life thus far, birth, and say "I did it" with the biggest smile on your face.  And you look back at that experience in awe and wonder of your baby AND your body.  You feel at peace with your experience, and perhaps even a little zest in your step that helps you navigate the all the newness of having a baby at home. 


And while this program includes hands on/in pelvic floor care and physical therapy tools... and you may think- can't I just get this at an insurance based pelvic PT practice?

This program is SOOOOO much more than the physical aspects of birth prep, and that is exactly w hy it makes it sooooo important.  Most birth prep programs are missing the most important part of being able to stay connected to your body during birth.  I will guide you on a journey into the deepest parts of yourselves, into your subconscious mind, into your beliefs, stories, and past, in order to help you heal these parts of yourself and prepare not just physically but also energetically and emotionally for birth and the rite of passage ahead. 

There is magic in this medicine, and there is magic in birth, YOUR birth.    

If you want to make some magic your free discovery call and let's chat today 


Which of these sound like you?

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Tell me which of these sound like you...


You've done some birth prep, or are planning to, but you are still feeling anxious and not prepared enough.  You find yourself worried about the physical toll labor may have on my body, how the stress of it all may take a toll on your relationships, and that it may "blow up" my pelvic floor."

You are so overwhelmed with all the choices and have procrastinated in planning at all, you find yourself thinking "maybe I'll just wing it with no plan or prep, the body was designed to do this after, right?!" 

You are pregnant after a previous traumatic birth experience and perhaps you have done some processing of it, but you are noticing yourself feeling fearful or triggered around this birth.  You don't want the same thing to happen again. 

You didn't realize there were additional things you could do to prepare birth but your doula, midwife, OB, or friend put the little plug in your ear to prep your pelvic floor for birth beforehand (mega props to them BTW if thats how you found this page!)

You have a history of pelvic pain, or you are experiencing pregnancy related pain now.  You want to feel supported in your body during this pregnancy while addressing your pain and figure you might as well prep for birth too!  

What it includes:

Empowered Birth + Postpartum Preparation looks like:


4 in-person 75 minute holistic pelvic floor physical therapy sessions

     Sessions may include:

  • Internal/External Pelvic Floor Evaluation

  • Evaluation and Treatment of Pelvic Bones

  • Somatic Emotional Release Techniques

  • Ideal pushing positions and breathing techniques personalized for YOUR body

  • Vocal instruction - how to use your voice-pelvic floor connection to your advantage

  • Exercises to help you prepare for birth

  • Mindfulness tips and guided meditations

2 virtual (or in person) 75 minute coaching sessions to address emotional wellness and postpartum preparation

    Sessions may include:

  • Birth Story Healing from prior birth experiences

  • Planning for postpartum support

  • Mindful Birth Mindset Work

Short on time?

Get the most potent tools and energy work in a 1/2 day intensive (3 hours)!  We will pull from the tools above to give you what you need, in the time you have. 

Feel calm in your mind and empowered in your body with this potent 6 session 1:1 hands on package that will have you walking into birth experience feeling confident and connected.  You will have the tools to navigate the unexpected of birth with ease so you can fully relax and trust in your bodies ability to birth, feel supported by your birth team, AND have a smoother postpartum recovery on the other side. 


(Reading this and realizing you don't have time for 6 sessions?  I've got you! Due to popular demand I've added a 1/2 day intensive for folks looking for a shorter intensive, or those without time for the full package)



Whether this is your first birth or you are pregnant again after a challenging or traumatic birth experience, this program will help you create the embodied confidence you are craving, so you can truly let your body lead the way. 

Empowered Birth is for birthing bodies who are wanting to go from:

  • The overwhelm, anxiety, and fear around giving birth "blowing up your body"... to having simple strategies proven to reduce the risk of vaginal tearing, pelvic floor trauma, and ways to start reconnecting to your body after baby arrives. 

  • Lacking  confidence in your body (and your) ability to birth in a safe and healthy way... to stepping into trust and confidence that your body and baby will know how to lead the way AND knowing you and your team will be able to handle the unexpected with ease. 

  • Feeling like you failed your first birth experience, and the anxiety and panic around further trauma or feeling emotionally  at peace with your first birth and feel confidently resilient in your ability to experience birth in a new and powerful way. 

  • Fear around previous sexual trauma and how that may manifest fully acknowledging these fears in a safe way, and start trusting in yourself and your birth team to guide you through a safe birth experience. 

"Through the Empowered Birth Preparation, I learned that I was still holding tension in my body and had anxiety around my birth from a past traumatic sexual experience that I "thought" was over.  I learned how to acknowledge it safely and started trusting myself to have my own best interest at heart despite not showing up for myself in past experiences.  It was truly the most healing I've had in a very long time and gave me confidence to advocate for myself with healthcare professionals, as well as the ability to better connect with what my most vulnerable self needs and wants.  I know feel much more attuned to my inner world now, and respectful of what I really need"

Want to discover if the Empowered Birth Program is right for you?

Schedule a discovery session to get clear on if this program is right for you!

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