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Somatic Pelvic Care

What Is Somatic Pelvic Care?

Somatic Pelvic Care bridges the gap between the potency of hands on/in pelvic bodywork with the deeper attunement to one's inner ecosystem through nervous system awareness, functional medicine tools, and somatic coaching in order to help you get to the root cause of your pelvic health challenges once and for all, and to experience results that last, instead of staying stuck in the cycle of bouncing from provider to provider.

There is a disconnect in most traditional medical approaches to women's pelvic health.  A disconnect that often creates more harm than good, and that often leaves a women feeling unheard, or oven worse gaslit.


The key to unlocking your bodies ability to heal lies in your ability to be guided back home into connection with your body and your deepest sense of self.  And to center your unique physiology as a woman in the healing process.  Because your body does not heal in the same way a male body does.

Somatic Pelvic Care was created to give space to women's voices and stories, and to allow the time and space for your body to be attuned to with compassionate care and expertise.    So I took my years of studying mind-body medicine, trauma-informed care, women's functional medicine, the nervous system, pelvic health, spirituality, and energy medicine, and started integrating it all together.    First working primarily with women who were struggling physically and emotionally after challenging or traumatic birth experiences.  But soon more and more women were reaching out and coming into my clinic with non-birth injuries, history of sexual trauma, chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, PCOS, fertility struggles.


I began to see the threads that tied each of these women together, beyond their pelvic challenges, and perhaps exactly how you are feeling too:

A sense of feeling disconnected from their body and selves

A craving to feel safe within their body, and to be able to feel their body more deeply

A disconnect from their libido and desired sexual expression

A craving for deeper emotional intimacy, both within themselves, but also with others, including having healthy boundaries that support healthy relationships. 

The ability to stand in their power and speak their truth. 

What most traditional providers won't tell you, because they are so focused on they symptoms of your pelvic pain conditions, is that your pelvic health is VITAL to reclaiming your sense of WHOLENESS in yourself and finally finding the freedom from pain you desire.   And that this all comes down to creating a sense of safety and connection within your nervous system. 

With Somatic Pelvic Care we look at your WHOLE health, and your whole unique life history when uncovering the root cause of your pelvic health challenges,  from the time your mother conceived you.  And we have to look at every system in your body and how it is intertwined with your unique physiology as a woman. 

Your menstrual health history, your immune health, your brain health, your hormonal health, your gut health, your relationship health,  your spiritual health. 

Somatic Pelvic Care is a personalized approach tailored to your unique pelvic health journey.  You will be met right where you are at, and gently guided toward your desired goals with expert and compassionate care.  It is a comprehensive program that includes individual Somatic Pelvic Care sessions, with an online resource guide to help you develop the feminine body literacy and nervous system intimacy you need to finally feel free from your pelvic health challenges. 

Somatic Pelvic Care Package:

3 or 6 month packages available.  

75-90 minute 1:1 Somatic Pelvic Care Sessions: These sessions will be personalized based on your unique needs and goals but may include hands on bodywork, hands-in pelvic floor care, physical and energetic assessments, somatic coaching, Somatic Pelvic Release Technique, emotional release work, energy work, movement exercises, strengthening, lifestyle coaching, nutritional recommendations, and sexual wellness coaching.   3 month includes 8 session, 16 month includes 16 sessions.  In-person or Virtual. 

Online Course/Resource Manual: You receive lifetime access to the online course Inner Rhythm Foundations, and 6+ month packages also receive access to The Pleasure Portal course. 


“But don't you know, those who journey to the underworld never make it back unchanged?”

-The Story of Inanna, as told in Birth Story Medicine by Pam England


Seattle, WA

My Birth Story listening session with Tara made me feel heard and affirmed. She gently guided me to the center of my experience and gave me new tools to work with it in my healing. Before I was looking for a "do over" in regards of my birth and questioning the decisions I made. After our session, I have a deeper sense of where my self-doubts and feelings about my birth experience come from and a way to work with them. I feel more centered.


Cameron, NC

I went into my birth story session with Tara not knowing what to expect. Within seconds, I was crying and releasing emotion I had no idea I was carrying around with me on a daily basis. Tara stayed present and kept me grounded throughout the session. By the end of it, I had processed through so much and was able to walk away with actionable steps to improve my relationship with my daughter and myself. I would definitely recommend a session for anyone who has been through a birthing experience that wasn’t what they hoped it would be!

austin-wade-uZjV42FWnag-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

Dublin, CA

Before our session I was having lots of postpartum anxiety and the feeling of "I am I not doing enough for my daughter".  Tara made me feel comfortable throughout the session, I was a little nervous before because I don’t like opening up and we hadn’t met but I felt comfortable and listened to. She gave me a few action items to leave with that have changed my day to day for the better and how I show up for my daughter. I am also putting less pressure on myself and have less worry/ anxiety about household chores and trying to fit a million things into each and every day.

Ready to mend the pieces of your birth story?

​Book a Discovery Session to learn if Birth Story Healing is right for you. 

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