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Struggling to reconnect to your body after baby?

Has pain, low energy, moodiness, and overwhelm become the norm?

This journey into motherhood hasn't been what you envisioned. 


You are craving the time and space to get back to feeling good in your body, mind, and spirit, you just don't know how to get there.   


If you are craving support, let me help you slow down and put the focus back on you. 

Together, we will uncover what is keeping you stuck so you can move forward and tune into the rhythm of your life to be the vibrant, energetic, connected, and pain free woman and mother you envision. 


"In working with Tara I've learned the importance of looking at the whole person. She doesn't just look at one issue. She digs deep to find the root cause and then treats it.  She's also made me feel empowered to take back my health. She has a clear passion for women's issues and it drives her care to be the very best. I'm so thankful I found her."


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Hi! I’m Dr. Tara Morrison. Professionally I'm an Integrative Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified Women's Health Coach who specializes in postpartum wellness. I help women in early motherhood reconnect to themselves to heal mind, body, and spirit after birth. My approach is trauma informed and rooted in nervous system healing through an eclectic blend of stress management, lifestyle medicine, mindfulness, energy medicine, and physical therapy tools. In addition, I am Mama to two sweet boys and it is through this journey that I bring my expertise, experience, intuition, and passion together in order to serve women in the postpartum phase of life. I offer in-home concierge integrative physical therapy in the Seattle area, virtual 1:1 health coaching and The Resilient Mother Method, an individualized group coaching experience for women in early motherhood. Click above to learn more about me and how I serve women and mothers in reconnecting to their bodies for increased joy and vitality


Women's Health

Physical Therapy

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Women's Health


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— JW

"You've had the power all along my dear.  

You just had to learn it for yourself."

-Glenda, the Good Witch

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