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Living Seasonally- Fall Edition

It’s time to take out those cozy sweaters, boots and beanies.  Fall is here! This is the last installment of my living seasonally blog posts. We made it!

If you want to catch up on the others you can find them here:

Ok, I know the world seems like it just might be falling apart right now and I shouldn’t be so excited about fall. BUT it is my favorite season, and I’m looking for silver linings right now.  

Here in Seattle, after two weeks of staying mainly inside due to Seattle being blanketed in forest fire smoke the sky and sun finally appeared.  I am grateful, grateful for being able to take my kids out to the park to play in the sun, grateful to be able to open our windows and feel the fresh fall air, and grateful to be able to take a big deep breath and not be worried about any ill effects.  

Fall is a season of change and letting go, of slowing down and coming inward, but also a season to celebrate and show gratitude.   If your intentions that you set in January were nurtured despite everything that 2020 has thrown at you, you may just be enjoying the abundance of your harvest.  If this is your case...I’m celebrating with you right now!!  Wow, you made lemonade out of the lemon of 2020!

But let's face it, 2020 has rocked our world, collectively and individually. And we still don't have an end in sight.   Seeing the fruits of our labour is extremely rewarding, however, I believe that true growth happens not when we succeed, but when we fail.  Failing allows us the opportunity to shift, to evaluate, and to move forward again with more knowledge and purpose.  If we only had success we wouldnt know what success looked like.  So we need failure. We need to fall. Just like the fall leaves change color and fall off the leaves, we need this process too, in order to grow and evolve. So you may not have won best garden of the year, but can you at least celebrate that you now know something that you didn't know a year ago?  Maybe you need a different process, or maybe the timing just wasn't right.  What can you learn about your failure that allows you to still find gratitude in the process?

Because here is a secret.  Finding gratitude will lead to more abundance.  

Take a moment today to reflect on the past 9 months and answer these guiding questions:

Who are you now that you weren't when 2020 started?

What has 2020 shown you that you didn't know about yourself?

What contributed to the success of/failure in reaching your goals and intentions?

(Come can celebrate your failures, I know you can do it!!  OR maybe you are well on your way to meeting your goals but you just need a little more time… Yay! Let’s call that a success.)

What outcomes are you grateful for so far in 2020?

And just like the leaves change and fall, what can you let go of that is no longer serving you?

I am grateful for the growth of my family, I am grateful for the growth of my business Inner Rhythm Wellness, which means I am incredibly grateful for YOU.  We are in this together. 

Now, go get cozy and give thanks.

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