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Living Seasonally- Summer Edition

Happy Solstice, New Moon, and Solar Eclipse! 

What a cosmic trio 🌅🌞🌚

For those who are new to my blog, I have been doing a blog series on living intentionally with the seasons.  Summer has caught me by surprise.  How is it here already?! 

I wanted to share a segment from Chiani Nichols astrology for the current solar eclipse in Cancer:

Cancer is a water sign. It is the sea that birthed the first organisms on earth. It symbolizes the origins of our origins. The embryonic fluid that nourishes life in the womb and keeps it safe. The waters that cleanse us through our tears, baptisms, mikvahs, wudus, and libations. Cancer cares. It nurtures. It bonds. Baby to parent and the lineages they come from. Cancer gives life and supports it with love, nourishment, and security. This eclipse is the last in a series in Cancer and it gets straight to the point: care is how we create safety”  

Creating a sense of safety through caring requires love and compassion. It requires us to slow down and be present.  On a nervous system level it requires us to be tapped into our social engagement system. This social engagement system is the part of us that allows for deep connection.  It is also in this place where we feel a sense of ease and a sense of flow.  It is this same sense of ease and flow that the energy of summer can so easily provide for us if we allow it. 

The energy of summer carries with it a feeling of action. The seeds and intentions we planted in spring are beginning to grow.  The weather lends itself to play outdoors and the sun fills us to the brim with vitamin D boosting our energy and filling our spirits. Summer brings with it play, passion, and connection.  These are all qualities associated with the social engagement branch of our nervous system. In order to maintain a healthy balance we want to dose the vibrancy and action energy with moments of rest.  So remember to slow down, and tune into the nurturing rhythms of summer. The cool evening air, the gentle summer breeze, the sun’s warmth radiating on your skin. For if we use the action energy of summer without slowing down it will be gone in a flash and we will be bound to crash when fall comes around.  

If you want to read more on how this eclipse is aligning with the current social justice uprising I highly recommend continuing to read the rest of Chani Nicholas' report.

Choose love, choose gratitude, choose care, choose action, choose rest

Through passion and play be on your way

To engagement and connection

It’s natures way

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