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Before our session, please take some time to read the testimonials and stories below from previous clients so you hear from others stories what is possible and what the experience is like working with me.


"I feel so much more at peace with my thoughts about birth and becoming a mother.  I feel as though I am able to acknowledge my feelings and address them in a constructive way rather than ignoring them.  I felt like I was able to take ownership in my birth. Even though a lot of what happened was out of my control I was surprisingly okay with that and felt present through the process." ​ ​

"Through the Empowered Birth Preparation, I learned that I was still holding tension in my body and had anxiety around my birth from a past traumatic sexual experience that I "thought" was over.  I learned how to acknowledge it safely and started trusting myself to have my own best interest at heart despite not showing up for myself in past experiences.  It was truly the most healing I've had in a very long time and gave me confidence to advocate for myself with healthcare professionals, as well as the ability to better connect with what my most vulnerable self needs and wants.  I know feel much more attuned to my inner world now, and respectful of what I really need"

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