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The Body Temple is a brave and loving coaching community for feminine bodies to deeply transform your connection to your body from the inside out -- so that you can develop the inner confidence, magnetism, and energy to show up as your best and most authentic self. 

What would it feel like to finally go from...
  • Feeling disconnected from your body and stuck in negative self talk… to developing emotional regulation skills and deep self-awareness that will inspire you to feel compassion, appreciation, and love for your body no matter what it looks like. 

  • Resenting your partner for not sharing the load in cooking, maintaining your home, or child rearing… to knowing your deeper needs and clearly communicating your desires in a way that also strengthens your connection and partnership. 

  • Feeling the weight of being unseen and unappreciated by everyone around you… to owning an embodied confidence in yourself and ownership of your value and worth.

  • Feeling anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed by the chaos of life, like you’re constantly grasping for a sense of control…  to discovering what simple daily rituals will nourish you, and creating space for this routine in your life.

  • Having a tumultuous relationship with your body’s appearance – feeling shame when you look at yourself in photos, having a hyper sense of control around food/exercise, experiencing chronic pain, or avoiding intimacy out of fear of body rejection… to feeling confident at any size and celebrating all that your body is capable of.

  • Feeling like the faucet to your libido and desire for intimacy has been turned off…to cultivating an embodied sense of your sensual energy that fuels your energy and sparks your radiance, so that you can create more pleasure and intimacy with yourself AND your partner.

Heart-centered mothers, caregivers, and empaths ready to let go of   feeling like your needs and desires come last.

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Let go of the lifetime (and often generational) cycle of people pleasing and putting your needs last.  Create new structures and rituals for connecting to your body, yourself, and your intimate relationships in a more deep and intentional way.


It's time to design your life to honor YOUR needs, too.   To embrace simple self-care strategies, emotional regulation skills, and embodiment  practices that bring your essence and radiance alive. 

Making space for more joy, peace, and flow in the rhythms of your day. 


Letting your body be a source of wisdom, modeling conscious self care practices for the next generation 

And shifting your relationship with your body, and yourself from the inside out embracing self love and confidence. 

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I know the guilt that comes from not enjoying your role in parenting or caregiving, especially when part of you wanted the life you have.   But you never imagined you would lose so much of yourself in the process.   

Over the course of 12 months you will re-design your life from

the inside out:


You will discover how to feel more at peace with your body and allow your inner clarity to guide you towards the freedom that comes from unapologetically owning and accepting yourself.


You’ll be guided in gently shedding the layers of social, familial, or religious conditioning that are keeping you from the desires and intimacy you crave. 


And you’ll finally create the self care rituals that bring you into harmony with your natural feminine cycles, forge an embodied connection to your inner truth, establish boundaries that activate safety and ease in your relationships, and develop the confidence to stay grounded in your desires every day regardless of what other people think. 


Just for a moment I want you to let your imagination soar 
sit back, take a breath, feel your body supported in the chair beneath you and lets explore what's possible

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Imagine waking up knowing exactly where you are at in your feminine energy cycle and knowing exactly what daily rituals and self care tools support you. Not needing to push, strain, or restrict, but honoring where your feminine body is at, even when you wake up a little moody or with low energy. 


Imagine when life is stressful and triggering, your child is having a meltdown, your partner forgot to take out the trash…again, or you are yet running late to work, having the emotional regulation skills to shift your energy in the moment and show up calmly and with presence, responding to life instead of reacting to it. 


Imagine feeling appreciation and love toward yourself AND your body when you look in the mirror, knowing your body is your best ally and source of deep wisdom. (even with all the changes that come with bearing children and aging)


Imagine feeling connected to your desires, wants, and needs (no more wondering why you’re resenting your spouse or telling yourself you’re “just overreacting”) AND having the skills and self-trust to  clearly and confidently communicate your needs in a heart-centered way that builds intimacy. 


Imagine getting your groove back, sparking your inner radiance,  your sensual energy that drives you to WANT to make the time and space for intimacy and play with your partner, because you know it’s essential in filling your cup. 

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Are you ready to allow life to feel good, and not just on the surface, but deep within?
To feel like you finally have your groove back- sparking your inner radiance that has been dimmed by layers of social, religious, and familial conditioning?
And to finally understand how to live in alignment with the magic of your feminine bodies cyclical nature without the 
layers of shame, guilt, and labels?

Embracing embodied self care rituals that actually nourish you and aren't another thing "to do".

And have your friends saying "Wow- something BIG must have changed in your life!   " Because they see just how much you are glowing from the inside out. 


"I've always had a hard time locating sensation in my body or identifying emotions but I just trusted the process and didn't question myself and this program has been very healing. I can now interrupt lifelong patterns of reactions and be more mindful about how I show up. My body is a source of wisdom and healing, not my enemy. I've been able to be more compassionate with my daughter and husband as I recognize that what is triggering me is not them being bad or wrong somehow, but rather a conditioned response that doesn't serve me.

Tara creates such a warm and safe space,  is knowledgeable and research based.  Also the community has been amazing. Even though the relationships are virtual, I've felt genuine connection to everyone. People have been incredibly honest and vulnerable and I've learned so much from the shared experiences that we have as humans.

I'm so thankful for this work."

Seattle, WA

Themes for Transformation




Learn to slow down and incorporate daily rituals and habits into your daily life for a more mindful and intentional way of relating to yourself and your daily life. 

You will find more presence through simple emotional regulation skills that deepen your capacity for connection and intimacy. 




Develop self awareness skills and learn tools to tune into your inner rhythms and feminine power.


Learn how your unique rhythm of stress shows up in your body and strategies to protect your energy, ask and receive support, build healthier boundaries, and live in sync with the natural rhythms occurring within and outside of you, your feminine flow.  




Implement evidence based neuroscience tools to manage your stress and regulate your nervous system. 


Through my signature process of Inner Rhythm Mapping and an energetic Inner Rhythm Reset you will gain lifelong tools to help you feel good in your body and feel connected to life.

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The Body Temple Journey

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What's Included 

  • Online Course Materials, 5 modules that can be paced with the group coaching or watched at your own pace.

  • An online community portal for accountability, sharing, and community building

  • Inner Rhythm Journal: a beautiful journal with specific prompts and daily exercises to keep you on track as you move through the program

  • Weekly 90 minute group coaching session, and optional weekly live teaching/accountability session.

  • Monthly Sensuality Salon: An Embodied Movement Practice during the Full Moon to deepen the work and explore your body in a fun (and sensual) way.

  • Dark Moon Breathwork:  A monthly breathwork session during the New Moon where you will come together with the community to dance with the depths of your being. Through this ceremony, you will release what no longer serves you and plant your seeds of intention for the next cycle of rebirth as you follow along with the Moon cycles. ​​

Bonus Content


  • BLUSH: Pelvic Health Self Care Essentials, A 2.5 hour journey into your pelvic bowl.  ($300 value)

  • Soul Setlist: A fun way to play with the power of music, how it moves us, and how it can play a role in emotional regulation.  ($75 value)

  • Liberate Your Libido:  A 2 hour workshop and embodied movement salon ($100 value)

"My favorite part (so far) of The Body Temple has been learning about the ways that all the systems in our bodies interact.  And I was surprised how impactful and relevant the group coaching calls are, week after week.  Everything that is shared relates to my life and experience in some way so the coaching and takeaways always hit home. 

Being in community has made me feel less alone.  Thanks to The Body Temple, I have gained the awareness and motivation to try and make positive change in my life, especially when it comes to my relationship with my body. 

Tara is such a gentle but powerful guide.  She comes from a place of love and support, seeing you as a whole person.  Her keen awareness for the ways that the mind and body are connected was essential for me in healing from my traumatic birth"


Seattle, WA

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This is for you if...

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You are a mother, caregiver, healer, or empath and recognize you are coming face to face with old stress and trauma patterns that are keeping you from fully showing up in your life.

You’ve struggled with your relationship and connection to your body, your body image, and your self expression.

You are empowered through knowing how and why your body works the way it does. But also want the accountability and support to put your knowledge into action. 

You struggle to make yourself and your needs a priority. You know your stress management, diet, exercise, and general lifestyle could use a serious refresh. 

You struggle with feeling exhausted, you are carrying so much of the load, you resent people around you (including your parter and kids) and know there has to be another way to approach life feeling more supported and joyful. 

You are spending loads of energy every day staying stuck in your mind, thoughts and stories of guilt, anxiety, and shame. 

You feel disconnected from your body, perhaps due to past sexual or birth trauma. This can show up in just not caring about your body, or feeling a sense of hyper control around food and exercise. 

You've tried a ton of traditional healing approaching including talk therapy to address anxiety and depression but you just aren't getting where you want. 

You are craving intentional community and connection with other like minded women/feminine bodies.

This is not for you if...

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You were not born with female anatomy.  This course is a safe space for women and non-binary folks who are still experiencing (or have experienced) female hormone cycles.   I don't have up to date education on working with testosterone supplementation outside of that used for menopause.


You will be offended by languaging around feminine/masculine energy. While I am working to update my teachings to be more inclusive, I do also honor the sacred energetic teachings and how these energies show up in the body, 


You have had significant trauma that is unprocessed, if this is you and you are interested in working with Dr. Tara please reach out to her about 1:1 services, or adding 1:1 to this group container. 

You are not able to show up with with a non-judgemental attitude toward others, especially other feminine bodies. 

You are not willing to step into responsibility and self agency.  Part of this work is self directed, while there is accountability built in, no one will be hand holding you or making sure you show up to participate. 

You are not willing to explore the darker more hidden aspects of self.  Everything we do in this container is done so with love and gentleness, however, if you have resistance to looking within, or are looking for someone to do the work for you, this is not the container for you. 

About Your Guide

Hey there!

I’m Dr. Tara Morrison, Pelvic Embodiment Coach and Somatic Pelvic Care provider. For the past 12 years, as a traditionally trained Doctor of Physical Therapy, I’ve walked alongside wombyn in healing from pelvic pain, pain with intimacy, birth trauma, pregnancy related pain, and postpartum body changes from a mind-body perspective.  Early in my career, I realized there was wayyy more to healing the physical body then just exercises and hands on work.  

The Body Temple is a culmination of what I have studied, experienced, and embodied on my journey and spiritual path through womanhood and motherhood. 


My approach weaves evidence based practices and modern neuroscience tools with body based spirituality practices, and a large dose of intuition. 



I know this work is deeply vulnerable, and I’m here to guide you into finding safety in your body and in this work. While also bringing lightness, brevity, and laughter to it all. I believe slow medicine is often the best medicine. And that if we gently peel back all the layers passed down from society, religion, and family belief systems we can reconnect to a more authentic, true, and connected version of ourselves.  

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