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Whole Body-Mind Reset

What Is The Whole Mama Restore Package

Both physical and emotional birth trauma increase the risk of postpartum mood disorders.  In this comprehensive 1:1 package including 6 months of personalized care and support, you will address healing from a truly integrative and holistic lens.  Through birth story listening, hands on physical therapy, and virtual health coaching we will set realistic and sustainable goals to help you navigate the transition into motherhood.   

What it includes:

Restoring YOU after birth looks like


Healing your birth story and shifting the beliefs and feelings around your birth that are contributing to the challenges you currently face in Motherhood through birth story healing 

Healing your body after baby through holistic physical therapy.  This includes hands on work to correct common held tension patterns found in the body after birth, internal &/or external pelvic floor work, somatic based energy work to release stored tension and trauma, and targeted functional core strengthening to rewire you support system after pregnancy and birth. 

Healing your mind-body connection through health/life coaching and somatic based mind-body tools.  This includes stress management, functional nutrition including my signature Balanced Food Balanced Mood Protocol, hormone balancing, practical tools to manage your energy, and simple strategies implement Radical Self Care within the demands of motherhood. 

“Everyone knows, those who journey to the underworld never make it back unchanged”

-The Story of Inanna, as told in Birth Story Medicine

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