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Experienced. Compassionate. Supportive.

My journey to becoming a Women's Health Coach has been one that was guided by my own path to self discovery,  motherhood, and the struggles I have witnessed in patients in my physical therapy practice. My clients have been some of my greatest teachers, showing me there is more to healing than what the standard western medical system has to offer. For the past 9 years I have worked as a Doctor of Physical Therapy mainly treating people with chronic pain.  Early on in my career I started to realize that there was a mind-body disconnect when it came to struggling with pain and dis-ease. Part of this coming from the current western medical system being driven by treating the symptoms, and most people wanting a quick fix to their pain.   However, despite the masking of the symptoms through medications and surgery, clients continued to return with pain relapses or no relief. Many of them didn't feel heard by their providers and were just referred to more and more specialists with no clear answer.  This drove me to deepen my study of integrative mind, body and spirit practices for pain management including meditation and mindfulness, functional nutrition, Medical Therapeutic Yoga, Pilates, and sound healing.  

I believe that true healing is possible when we put ourselves in the appropriate healing environment addressing our Mind, Body and Spirit. In order to uncover the layers of dis-ease, we have to dive deep into the root cause of our pain and suffering.  We have to begin to slow down and realize that the fast pace of western society is leading to increased stress and poor regulation of our nervous system.   The symptoms- fatigue, pain, overwhelm, brain fog, anxiety ect. are just a sign, and the more we ignore the signs, the more buried we become. It is my mission as a health coach to help you begin to uncover and see the layers between your current state and the root cause of your dis-ease. I give you permission to slow down and put the focus on you in order to create a healing environment that is as unique as you are. 

I feel strongly that as women in America our voices are not heard when it comes to our health.  As a health coach, I pride myself in my ability to partner with you on your journey to health and well-being. To hold space for you as you learn to create your own internal and external healing environment, to be a guide and source of support as you make health behavior changes, and to collaborate with your healthcare team to reach root-cause resolution.  I feel strongly that women in America are not receiving appropriate support following the birth of their children.  I have seen this first hand in women coming to me in my physical therapy practice for injuries related to poor postpartum healing and rehabilitation in their fifth and sixth decades. I see this in women and mothers not asking for support and feeling like they need to do it all themselves, causing burnout and disconnect. I see this in the high numbers of postpartum depression and anxiety among new mothers. As mothers, we have medical visits and support leading up to the birth of our children, and then we are left to figure it out with only one six week postpartum visit. Caring for a newborn, while managing a household, balancing careers, having additional children, lack of support, and having pain on top of it all can send a woman down a path of poor self care, lack of sleep and high stress leading to chronic pain, autoimmunity, and overall dis-ease.  As a health coach, I am passionate about helping mothers get back to making themselves a priority. To understanding their bodies again, to living in their bodies again, and coming back to the root of who they are so they may live a vibrant and fulfilled life. 

Inner Rhythm Wellness is just that. Understanding our bodies resonance (unique healing environment), getting back in touch with our essence, our inner wisdom and intuition, and being our best advocate for our health and well-being so that we can be vibrant and fully present in our lives. 

Education and Training

Integrative Women's Health Institute- Certified Women's Health Coach 

Elon University- Doctor of Physical Therapy, licensed in WA state

Certified Romana's Pilates Instructor

Professional Yoga Therapy Institute- Medical Therapeutic Yoga

Seattle Sound Temple Sound Healing- Level 1

Acutonics- Level 1

Reiki Training- Level 1 and 2

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