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Are you ready to feel connected and confident in your body, while creating deeper intimacy in your relationships AND in the bedroom?

Are you tired of feeling held back how you feel in your body?

Are you tired of letting your pelvic health symptoms such as incontinence, pain with sex,  and pelvic pain have control over your life?

Are you tired of feeling confused about the changes your body is going through and feeling unheard and unseen by the traditional approach to medical care?

Inner Rhythm Wellness is on a mission to revolutionize the way
Women's Health and Pelvic Health is delivered.  Because your pelvic floor health is the missing link in unlocking the confidence, vitality, and intimacy you crave both with yourself, and those you love most. 

Through our signature healing modality Somatic Pelvic Care, you will be guided back home into connection with your body and soul self.

By activating your deepest inner resources to heal your pelvic health challenges from within, 

combined with 

Somatic based mind-body tools to integrate the emotional and energetic imprints of past pelvic, sexual, or birth trauma


Hands on/in pelvic care and bodywork

You will be guided on a transformational journey that to enliven your energy, unlock confidence in your body at any size, and create deeper intimacy both in and out of the bedroom. 

Receive Your Free Guided Meditation.

(without doing 1,000’s of kegels)

Reconnect to your body, breath, and pelvic floor with this powerful and simple meditation.

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Return to Wholeness with Somatic Pelvic Care

Somatic Pelvic Care uses the power of your nervous system to activate your deepest inner resources to heal your pelvic health challenges from the within.

While most traditional approaches to healing the body and pelvic pain focus on the external solutions for your health and well-being, at Inner Rhythm Wellness we know that health, healing, and vitality is an inside job.

By blending hands on/in pelvic care, body work, and specific movement based exercises with somatic based mind-body tools to integrate the emotional and energetic imprints of past pelvic, sexual, birth, or generational trauma, you will be guided in unwinding the often unseen internal root cause of your pelvic health challenges. 


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  • Pelvic floor preparation for labor, delivery, postpartum

  • Mindful Birth Mindset and Postpartum Planning

  • Learn to push

  • Releasing negative beliefs around birth including those from previous traumatic birth experiences.

  • Holistic Physical Therapy for pregnancy related aches and pains





  • Holistic Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

    • Incontinence/ urinary leakage

    • vaginal heaviness or prolapse

    • constipation + bloating,

    • diastasis recti

    • pain with intercourse

    • scar tissue: c-section, vaginal/perineal tears

    • back, hip, neck pain

  • Birth Story Processing

  • Matresence/Identity Shift Support 

  • Generational/Ancestral healing


Pelvic Health

Pelvic Health

  • Painful Intercourse

  • Painful Periods

  • Pelvic Pain Conditions: Endometriosis, PCOS

  • Sexual Dysfunction

  • Low Libido

  • Menopause support

  • Body image

  • Generational/Ancestral trauma pattern healing

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Midwife of Mothers, Mystic Medicine Weaver, and creator of Somatic Pelvic Care.


I've devoted my career to finding the deeper truths and magic that lies within healing our minds, hearts, and wombs.  Bringing the best of the west and the woo together, to heal all parts of you. 


As a doctor of physical therapy I weave traditional hands on/in pelvic care practices with the science of trauma healing, neuroplasticity, pelvic embodiment, and spirituality.


My passion lies in helping you reconnect to the most intimate and often hidden parts of yourself in order to live a more connected and pleasure filled life.  Instead of constantly seeking for solutions outside of yourself, I guide back home into your inner strength, your heart, your desire, and your truth.


In addition, I am Mama to two sweet boys and it is through this journey that the depth of my medicine was born. Bringing my expertise, experience, intuition, and passion together to help guide you through pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and pelvic pain.


I offer hands on/in care in the Columbia City neighborhood of South Seattle, and virtual  services worldwide. 


I’m Dr. Tara Morrison.

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What People Are Saying


Bellevue, WA

In working with Tara I've learned the importance of looking at the whole person. She doesn't just look at one issue. She digs deep to find the root cause and then treats it.  She's also made me feel empowered to take back my health. She has a clear passion for women's issues and it drives her care to be the very best. I'm so thankful I found her.


Seattle, WA

I appreciate how Tara heals the whole person. She can switch focus from the mind to the body, and then tie it all together.  My experience working with her was wonderful!  Tara is very intuitive and each session seemed to soothe a different postpartum ache.

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Seattle, WA

I've truly gained so much perspective during my coaching calls and time with Tara. Honestly, four sessions of health coaching were more valuable and insightful (on every level) than my twenty years of therapy combined. I'm so grateful to have had this experience and I plan to continue my coaching calls for a long time to come.

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