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About Me

I'm Dr. Tara! 


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My journey to supporting women in pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond has been guided by my own journey into motherhood, my passion for self-development, and the teachings from my clients in my physical therapy and health coaching practices over the past 10 years. 


Before having my two boys, I intellectually understood many of the challenges that new mothers face. I understood the toll that pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period have on a woman’s body.  Plus the education and skills to treat the bodies in front of me. 


I understood the differences between the traditional midwifery care model and the standard OBGYN model of care. The risks and benefits associated with each. 


But it wasn’t until I fully experienced my own rite of passage into motherhood that I fully grasped the depths that becoming a mother entails.


Inner Rhythm Wellness is a reflection of the medicine that has come through my own journey to motherhood. Embracing my role as a healer, educator, mentor, nurturer, and guide.

It is through this journey that I have found my passion in helping women both prepare for and heal from birth in body, mind, and spirit.

We are living in the middle of a maternal health crisis.

Here in America and in many other parts of the world, women are not receiving adequate support following the birth of their children.  We are not fully preparing women for the vast physiological changes that occur and providing services that allow the breadth of support a woman needs to have a restful and healing postpartum period. 

I have seen the effect of this first hand in my physical therapy practice. Treating women for injuries related to poor postpartum healing as they enter into the next great time of transition, menopause.

I see this in...

  • the high numbers of birth trauma, with approx. 45% of (reported) birthing people experiencing some form of birth trauma.

  • women and mothers not asking for support and feeling like they need to do it all themselves, causing burnout and disconnection.

  • the high numbers of postpartum depression and anxiety among new mothers, a number that continues to skyrocket.

  • intergenerational patterns of trauma being based down from generation to generation, because we are not teaching mothers emotional regulation skills.  We are not supporting them in prioritizing their own health and well-being.

  • women in midlife struggling with chronic health conditions and pain secondary to poor stress management, hormonal dysfunction, and lack of pelvic care in the postpartum period. 

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Our society has set women up to feel like they have to be “perfect”.  Like they have to sacrifice themselves to be seen as a good mother.  


Overtime the burdens that many new mothers carry from lack of support, birth trauma, maternal mental health struggles, and juggling the visible and invisible roles of motherhood can send a woman down a path of poor self-care, lack of sleep, and poor stress management leading to chronic pain, autoimmunity, and chronic health conditions. 


This is why I am passionate about helping mothers both prepare for birth AND heal from birth in body, mind, and spirit.

It’s time we create a new paradigm for maternal healthcare and give mothers the care they need in order to raise the next generation of socially conscious children...our society and planet depend on it.

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