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About Me

I'm Dr. Tara! 


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As a little girl I was one of those curios kids that always asked "Why".  This same deep curiosity has led me to continue to ask "Why", to dive beyond what appears to be the surface answer in search for the deeper truths underneath.  


While my professional titles include Doctor of Physical Therapy and Women's Health Coach, the heart of my offerings and the medicine I have to share extends far beyond these official "titles".


From early on in my career I had a soft spot for women's health issues, what was truly needed treating more complex chronic pain was beyond what was taught in physical therapy school.  This led me to devote the next 12 years of practice learning about mind-body medicine, functional health coaching, lifestyle medicine, feminine health studies, yoga and pilates, emotional healing, and energy medicine.


My own deeply spiritual right of passage into motherhood truly catapulted my career into its present manifestation.  One day, shortly after my second son was born I was reading on Polyvagal Theory and the development of the Nervous System when the truth came rushing in. From preconception and pregnancy to the first 7 years of a child's life,  your energetic, emotional, and physical state matters.  Our children mirror the state of our nervous system- the good, the bad, the ugly.

It is my gift to guide you back home, into your body. Igniting your inner healing capacity.  Deepeining your emotional intimacy and self regulation skills wile healing patterns that no longer serve. Providing the safe space to transform your pelvic health from the inside out. 

And as any deeply curious being would, I started digging.  Into generational trauma patterning, into somatic healing, into nervous system work, all the pieces coming together.  Learning about the link between ACE scores (adverse childhood experiences) and chronic health conditions was the icing on the cake.

Women's Health Requires Care Beyond The Physical 

We are multidimensional beings.  With our own unique rhythms and cycles.  But we have been living in a world that has tried to put us into this linear box.  Giving evidence based treatments when the evidence was done on male bodies.  Gaslighting women, making them feel crazy and using birth control as an easy fix for a much more complex hormonal situation.  

The trauma women have had to face in the medical system is astronomical.  And this can be even more complex for those who have experienced prior trauma of some kind.  

And the problem with modern physical approaches and modalities such as standard physical therapy and talk therapy is that they are missing an essential piece of the puzzle.  The EMBODIMENT of TRAUMA. 

Trauma lives in your body.  In your nervous system, in your fascia, and in your tissues.  It's energetic signature being triggered by life, spiraling you into your old patterns, and layers upon layers of protective and coping mechanisms keeping you from the connection and intimacy you crave. It's a beautiful and intelligent design, but most western appraoches to healing dont see this.

This is why I have created my own signature methodology, Somatic Pelvic Care.  An approach to healing pelvic health that integrates both gentle hands on/in bodywork with somatic based coaching, functional medicine, and neuroscience backed energy medicine. 

When we tap into the deeper patterns, beliefs, and inner woundings we can begin to process and integrate the core woundings that are driving your deeper somatic patterns.  And its often these patterns that are driving the physical form you carry yourself in and the tension pattens you hold in your pelvic bowl.  Perhaps even the ones that led to your period problems, endometriosis, pelvic pain, hormonal shifts, PMS, ect. in the first place. 

In releasing these held patterns you open up to the creative flow of energy, of life force that has the capaicty to fuel your deeper desires and purpose. Tapping you back into flow,  back into the inner rhythms within.  Learning to ride the wave of life instead of fighting against its tides. 

It is time to create a new paradigm of women's health and wellness.

For us, and for future generations. 

It's time for women to come together, in community to heal.  To begin to see the wisdom that is held in our bodies, and the true gift we can give to our families and our communities. 

I truly believe that our biggest social impact lies within the healing of our own heart, mind, and pelvis. 

This is the healing I'm here for.  If you are here for this too, schedule a free discovery call.  I'd love to support you on your journey to transforming from the inside out. 

It's time for women to come together, in community to heal.  To begin to see the wisdom that is held in our bodies, and the true gift we can give to our families, our communities, and our world. 
The biggest social impact we can make on our world lies within the healing of our own heart, mind, and pelvis. 

Want to start transforming your pelvic health from the inside out?

​Schedule your 40 minute discovery session today. 

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