Birth Story Healing

What Is Birth Story Healing?

Often it's the deep seated beliefs about ourselves, the shadows that we wish not to look at, that arise during our birthing process.  As if we come face to face with a part of ourselves that we like to keep hidden and far out of sight.  It's this meeting of ourselves, in one of the most vulnerable moments of our lives, that can play into the challenges we face in the transition to motherhood. 

Birth story healing helps you to uncover the held beliefs and narratives that are playing out in your life based on your birth experience.  Feelings of guilt, shame, brokenness, weakness, and not being a good mother can cast a shadow over your experience of early motherhood. These feelings can arise from truamatic birth experiences AND those that may have looked "perfect" on the outside but came with its own set of challenges, both within ourselves or with others.


These feelings can lead to:

-Postpartum Depression

-Deep disconnect from yourself or your baby

-Relationship struggles

-Anger and Anxiety

-Overcompensation in your parenting


-Blaming yourself or others for your birth outcome

Through birth story listening we unpack the most challenging aspects of your story and work to bring both acceptance and compassion to your story, yourself, and others, and find simple and tangible solutions to address the ways your birth trauma is showing up in your life today. 

Just as the vase in the picture above, this process is based on the Japanese art of Kintsugi, mending the broken parts of ourselves with golden glue.  We can't change our birth story, but we can mend the broken pieces and feel whole again. 

What it includes:

Birth Story Healing looks like

One 90-120 minute birth story listening session (in person or virtual): In this session you will be gently guided into the heart of your birth experience to to uncover the parts of your birth that feel the most unresolved.  From there you will be led in somatic based approaches and solution focused dialogue to bring more awareness, acceptance, and compassion to yourself and your story. ​


One 60 minute virtual integration session within 1-2 weeks (in person or virtual):  in this session we will either dive into another aspect of your birth story or continue to integrate the wisdom and learning that came through in the initial session. 

“But don't you know, those who journey to the underworld never make it back unchanged?”

-The Story of Inanna, as told in Birth Story Medicine by Pam England


Seattle, WA

My Birth Story listening session with Tara made me feel heard and affirmed. She gently guided me to the center of my experience and gave me new tools to work with it in my healing. Before I was looking for a "do over" in regards of my birth and questioning the decisions I made. After our session, I have a deeper sense of where my self-doubts and feelings about my birth experience come from and a way to work with them. I feel more centered.


Cameron, NC

I went into my birth story session with Tara not knowing what to expect. Within seconds, I was crying and releasing emotion I had no idea I was carrying around with me on a daily basis. Tara stayed present and kept me grounded throughout the session. By the end of it, I had processed through so much and was able to walk away with actionable steps to improve my relationship with my daughter and myself. I would definitely recommend a session for anyone who has been through a birthing experience that wasn’t what they hoped it would be!

austin-wade-uZjV42FWnag-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

Dublin, CA

Before our session I was having lots of postpartum anxiety and the feeling of "I am I not doing enough for my daughter".  Tara made me feel comfortable throughout the session, I was a little nervous before because I don’t like opening up and we hadn’t met but I felt comfortable and listened to. She gave me a few action items to leave with that have changed my day to day for the better and how I show up for my daughter. I am also putting less pressure on myself and have less worry/ anxiety about household chores and trying to fit a million things into each and every day.

Ready to mend the pieces of your birth story?

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