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Birth Story Alchemy

What Is Birth Story Alchemy?

Your birth has not left you broken, it’s broken you open. 


And the key to healing, the golden thread that will weave you into your wholeness lies in rewriting your birth story. 


Reclaiming the Joy, Connection, and Trust that you crave after your traumatic birth experience is fully possible when you shift the lens you see your story through and the meaning you are making it to be.  


And here is the best part- it doesn't have to take months and years. Birth Story Alchemy is a powerful and potent process that can shift your perspective in as little as one session.  


This is the miracle that constantly blows my clients minds 🤯🤯🤯.


I know this can be hard to fathom,


Especially when you may have spent hours and hours of sessions in therapy processing your story.


And when your experience feels heavy, as if you are moving through dense fog you just can't seem to see out of. 


I know the longing in your desire when you decided to become a parent.  


The early moments of bringing your baby home, smelling their sweet skin, feeling their body snuggled up against your heart. 


But the warm fuzzies you were longing for aren’t there. 


And in its place is a fog of grief, feelings of failure, and mind loops around all the what if's.  A heavy dense feeling in your chest, and a swirling in your mind. 


A feeling that’s layered with 


  • Your expectations of how your birth would go shattered

  • That moment of meeting your baby, having them placed on your chest, swept away. 

  • The flashbacks and memories you can’t seem erase from your thoughts and dreams. 

  • The panic and anxiety you feel around your baby.

  • Feeling like you failed at birth and at mothering from the very get go. 


And they say things like


“But you are healthy and baby is healthy, isn’t that all that matters?”


Dismissing that under the surface you are struggling in body, mind, and spirit. 


And dismissing the deep right of passage that birth inherently carries with it. 


So you find yourself stuck in the pain of your story.  The stories, what if’s, and self blame swirling round and round, like a revolving door you just can’t seem to step out of. 


  • Unable to tell your full story without a swell of emotions.

  • Wondering why me?  What did I do wrong after all the preparation?

  • Am I not a strong enough woman to birth my baby?

  • Am I not a good mother for feeling the connection I longed for with my baby?


But in the breaking open of you, what has actually come to the surface are  the parts of you craving deeper awareness, acceptance, and healing. 


And in alchemizing your birth story you begin the progress of integrating these parts of you. 


Finding the golden threads of truth that weave you back into wholeness. 


Clearing the skies, the heavy dense fog lifting away.


Allowing you to


  • Connect to a deeper meaning of your birth, and often a deeper purpose, a gift to share with your community, and the word. 

  • Approach parenthood with an open heart, full of joy. 

  • Connect with and trust in your body.  In its innate wisdom and healing potential.

  • Begin to share the deeper gifts and medicine that lie in your birth story.  The wisdom that comes from this right of passage from maiden to mother. 


This is the journey in Birth Story Alchemy.  


Bringing you back home to connection with yourself, your child, your community. 

Just as the vase in the picture above, this process is based on the Japanese art of Kintsugi, mending the broken parts of ourselves with golden glue.  We can't change our birth story, but we can mend the broken pieces and feel whole again. 

What it includes:

Birth Story Alchemy looks like:

2 hour Birth Story Alchemy session (in person or virtual): In this session you will be gently guided into the heart of your subconscious mind, to uncover the part of your birth experience that feels most unresolved.  From there you will be led in somatic based approaches to release trapped energy from the body, brain rewiring strategies,  and solution focused dialogue to release stored trauma in the body and literally begin rewiring your brain to view your birth though the lens of compassion vs. pain.   You will leave with more awareness, acceptance, and compassion toward your story, yourself, and others. ​

75 minute virtual integration session within 2 weeks later (in person or virtual):  in this session we will either dive into another aspect of your birth story or continue to integrate the wisdom and learnings that came through in the initial session. 

Virtual Support:  You will have access to me for virtual support (voice/text via Voxer app) for the two weeks between session.  This is like having your support team and a cheerleader in your back pocket!  

“But don't you know, those who journey to the underworld never make it back unchanged?”

-The Story of Inanna, as told in Birth Story Medicine by Pam England


Seattle, WA

My Birth Story listening session with Tara made me feel heard and affirmed. She gently guided me to the center of my experience and gave me new tools to work with it in my healing. Before I was looking for a "do over" in regards of my birth and questioning the decisions I made. After our session, I have a deeper sense of where my self-doubts and feelings about my birth experience come from and a way to work with them. I feel more centered.


Cameron, NC

I went into my birth story session with Tara not knowing what to expect. Within seconds, I was crying and releasing emotion I had no idea I was carrying around with me on a daily basis. Tara stayed present and kept me grounded throughout the session. By the end of it, I had processed through so much and was able to walk away with actionable steps to improve my relationship with my daughter and myself. I would definitely recommend a session for anyone who has been through a birthing experience that wasn’t what they hoped it would be!

austin-wade-uZjV42FWnag-unsplash (1)_edited.jpg

Dublin, CA

Before our session I was having lots of postpartum anxiety and the feeling of "I am I not doing enough for my daughter".  Tara made me feel comfortable throughout the session, I was a little nervous before because I don’t like opening up and we hadn’t met but I felt comfortable and listened to. She gave me a few action items to leave with that have changed my day to day for the better and how I show up for my daughter. I am also putting less pressure on myself and have less worry/ anxiety about household chores and trying to fit a million things into each and every day.

Ready to mend the pieces of your birth story?

​Book a Discovery Session to learn if Birth Story Healing is right for you. 

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