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Empowered Birth Prep

Prep your Pelvic Floor,
OWN your birth

Trade your fear and anxieties for an embodied sense of calm and confidence so you can fully trust in your bodies ability to navigate the unexpected with ease AND prep your pelvic floor for a smoother recovery postpartum

Whether this is your first birth or you are pregnant again after a challenging or traumatic birth experience, this program will help you create the embodied confidence you are craving, so you can truly let your body lead the way.

Empowered Birth is for birthing bodies who are wanting to go from...

  • The overwhelm, anxiety, and fear around giving birth "blowing up your body" 

  • Lacking  confidence in your body (and your) ability to birth in a safe and healthy way

  • Feeling like you failed your first birth experience, and the anxiety and panic around further trauma or injury

  • Fear around previous sexual trauma and how that may manifest itself

To an embodied sense of...

  • Simple strategies proven to reduce the risk of vaginal tearing, pelvic floor trauma, and ways to start reconnecting to your body after baby arrives.

  • Confidence that your body and baby will know how to lead the way AND knowing you and your team will be able to handle the unexpected with ease. 

  • Acceptance and peace around your first birth while feeling confidently resilient in your ability to experience birth in a different and powerful way. 

  • Trust in yourself and your birth team to support you through a safe birth experience. 








Wherever you fit on spectrum of feeling ready (or not) for birth... this program is ESSENTIAL in feeling not just prepared for birth, but Empowered.


So you can strut through birth with Alicia Key's "This Girl is on Fire" Energy. 

(that's EXACTLY how one of my clients felt during birth implementing the simple tools you learn in this program)

While traditional childbirth education classes play such an important role in preparing both you and your birth partner for birth, there are gaps in the traditional childbirth education model. This program has been created to fill in those gaps by diving into: 

  • ​Mindful Birth Mindset:Uncovering your unconscious beliefs about birth are a missing link in birth trauma prevention.

  • Birth Field ​Energetics:Your emotional and energetic state not only influence the health of your baby, but also play a role in your ability to surrender to birth

  • ​Prepping Your Pelvic Floor​:Connecting to your pelvic floor (NOT through kegels), restoring your voice to pelvic floor connection, AND learning to push are essential is decreasing your risk for perineal tears and having a smoother recovery on the other side.


While we can't plan for everything in birth, we can help you develop the inner resources to navigate the unexpected with more ease and less stress.  Birth and becoming a parent is a rite of passage,  in preparing for this journey ahead of time you can feel more supported and have a smoother recovery and integration process on the other side. 

And even though this program is focused on preparing for birth, I hear time and time again how this program impacts carry on beyond birth in feeling confident in motherhood and more attuned to their emotional wellbeing. 

"I feel so much more at peace with my thoughts about birth and becoming a mother.  I feel as though I am able to acknowledge my feelings and address them in a constructive way rather than ignoring them.  I felt like I was able to take ownership in my birth. Even though a lot of what happened was out of my control I was surprisingly okay with that and felt present through the process."

It's hard to fully feel ready for the life changing event of having a baby, but after having my children, and also supporting mothers in this transition, I have been able to tap into what is most impactful in helping you feel as ready as you will ever be.

So you get to decide...

✨Are you ready to feel unwavering belief in your bodies ability to birth?  

✨Are you ready to trust that birth can happen in a safe and empowering way?

✨Are you ready to feel like you can clearly communicate your needs and desires to your birth team ahead of time? 

✨Are you ready to have simple strategies to prepare your pelvic floor for birth AND push your baby out with confidence?

✨Are you ready to embrace a sense of ease knowing you can navigate the unexpected of birth and feel more resourced and supported if challenges do arise?

If so, I'd love to connect and see if the Empowered Birth Program is the right fit for you. 




I know there are so many options when it comes to preparing for birth, and you may be wondering if you REALLY need anything more than your childbirth education class?!  

The women who have competed this program often report feeling



You find yourself worried about the physical toll labor may have on your body, how the stress of it all may take a toll on your relationships, and that it may "blow up" your pelvic floor.

You are pregnant after a previous traumatic birth experience and while you may have been in therapy to process it, but you are noticing yourself feeling fearful or triggered around this birth.  You don't want the same thing to happen again, and you feel like there is some deeper healing of your first birth that needs to be addressed. 

You have had a long journey with fertility challenges, after all the challenges of getting and carrying a viable pregnancy,  you are starting to feel some anxiety going into birth and want to feel fully prepared. 

You have a history of pelvic pain, or you are experiencing pregnancy related pain or incontinence now.  You want to feel supported in your body.

To make sure this program is right for you, tell me if any of these sound like you?


that this was an amazing complement to their childbirth education AND that it was the mindset work, breathing and grounding techniques, and pushing strategies that they learned in Empowered Birth Prep that helped them the most in labor.  


What others are saying about Dr. Tara and Embodied Birth Prep

"Through the Empowered Birth Preparation, I learned that I was still holding tension in my body and had anxiety around my birth from a past traumatic sexual experience that I "thought" was over.  I learned how to acknowledge it safely and started trusting myself to have my own best interest at heart despite not showing up for myself in past experiences.  It was truly the most healing I've had in a very long time and gave me confidence to advocate for myself with healthcare professionals, as well as the ability to better connect with what my most vulnerable self needs and wants.  I know feel much more attuned to my inner world now, and respectful of what I really need"

Want to discover if the Empowered Birth Program is right for you?

Schedule a discovery session to get clear if this program is right for you!

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