Empowered Birth

What Is The Empowered Birth Package

The Empowered birth package is a holistic and comprehensive approach that prepares you in mind, body, and spirit for the birth of your child through a trauma-informed lense.

There are gaps in traditional childbirth education. This program has been created to fill in those gaps. 


Past history of trauma- both physical from falls, slips, car accidents, and other events, emotional trauma, sexual trauma, or prior traumatic birth experiences can shape your birth experience. 

Physical trauma can manifest in stiffness in the pelvis and pelvic floor that can effect the pelvis's ability to open up and allow the baby to move down in the birth canal. 

Emotional trauma, held stress, and even just daily stressors can be held within the pelvic floor muscles.  This tension can also play into your birth and ability to push your baby out. 

Your beliefs about birth and yourself can also play into birth outcomes, and play into traumatioc birth experiences.  These can be long held limiting beliefs, expectations, plans, and wishing for things to be perfect. 

In this program I take you through my signature process to POWER your birth by adressing the complexitiies  of your mind-body system that play into a smoother birth process:

P: Pelvic Floor Prep: Learning how to relax and lengthen your pelvic floor to allow the baby to descend in the birth canal. Learn efficient pushing techniques and positions.  Know how to push is rarely taught, but can be so important in both unmedicated and medicated births alike.

O: Orientation:   Your nervous system is constantly seeking cues of safety or threat in your environment.  In order for your pelvic floor to relax, your body MUST feel safe in your environment.  You will learn specific nervous system based strategies to create safety in your birthing environment, and strategies adjust when plans change.  In addition, we will talk about the supportive team you need to help create this safe environment for you. 

W: Welcoming Pelvis:  Physical traumas including falls, surgeries, and prior births can all affect the babies ability to drop into the pelvis and navigate it’s way down the birth canal.  Through targeted hands on techniques and exercises we will prepare your pelvis to welcome the baby down and in??

E: Emotional Wellness: Understand your beliefs about birth...before you are in the birth room.  Often our beliefs and attitudes of what we think our birth should look like or be can influence birth outcomes and play a role in emotional challenges during birth itself. 

R: Recovery:  The 4th trimester is the first 3 months following birth and is considered a sacred window of healing.  The quality of your healing during this time can play into health outcomes in menopause and beyond.  Rest and Recovery is paramount.  Having adequate support is essential in giving your body what it needs and creating an environment for you to bond with your baby.  Rest, Nourishment, and Bonding are the priorities of this phase.  Together we will map out your postpartum recovery plan based on what is most important to you.   You have the option to receive in-home postpartum physical therapy starting as soon as 2 weeks post delivery.

What it includes:

Empowered Birth + Postpartum Preparation looks like:


4 in-person 75 minute holistic pelvic floor physical therapy sessions

     Sessions may include:

  • Internal/External Pelvic Floor Evaluation

  • Evaluation and Treatment of Pelvic Bones

  • Somatic Emotional Release Techniques

  • Ideal pushing positions and breathing techniques personalized for YOUR body

  • Vocal instruction - how to use your voice-pelvic floor connection to your advantage

  • Exercises to help you prepare for birth

  • Mindfulness tips and guided meditations

2 virtual (or in person) 75 minute coaching sessions to address emotional wellness and postpartum preparation

    Sessions may include:

  • Birth Story Healing from prior birth experiences

  • Planning for postpartum support

  • Mindful Birth Mindset Work

  • Resilient Birth Plan Review

“I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.”


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