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Transform your Pelvic Health from the Inside Out 

 Somatic Pelvic Care for Pregnancy, Postpartum, And Pelvic Health

Somatic Pelvic Care bridges traditional hands on/in pelvic care tools with the science of neuroplasticity and behavior change, energy medicine, and mind-body embodiment tools to bring you back HOME into connection and deeper intimacy with your body, mind, and spirit. 

Here is how I can serve you


Birth Trauma


Programs that will help with birth trauma:


Empowered Birth

Birth Story Alchemy

The Body Temple

Pelvic Floor


Programs that will help with pelvic floor:

Empowered Birth Preparation

Postpartum Core Resilience

The Body Temple

Pelvic Pain


Programs that will help with pelvic pain:

Somatic Pelvic Care

The Body Temple

Offerings and Services

Empowered Birth

Feel calm in your mind and empowered in your body with this potent 6 session 1:1 hands on (or virtual) package that will have you walking into birth feeling confident and connected.  You will have the tools to navigate the unexpected of birth with ease so you can fully relax and trust in your body, feel supported by your birth team, AND have a smoother postpartum recovery on the other side. 



Whether this is your first birth or you are pregnant again after a challenging or traumatic birth experience, this program will help you create the embodied confidence you are craving


This can be combined with the Postpartum Core Resilience Package for deeply supportive birth and postpartum experience.dy lead the way. 

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Birth Story Alchemy

Your birth didn't break you, it cracked you open.  In this 2 session package we will use potent medicine to transform your story so you be present and calm for the little moments that matter most. 


In Birth Story Alchemy we transform the lens you see your birth trough. Bringing healing to the story you carry, and find the deeper threads that weave beyond your birth experience into your life.  When you begin to accept your birth as potent medicine on your journey to parenthood you unlock a doorway to deeper healing.  Healing pain and trauma in this lifetime and often those from generational or ancestral patterns.   

Postpartum Core Resilience

The Postpartum Core Resilience package is your answer to healing your body after baby.


This is the perfect package to help with healing common physical and emotional challenges that arise after baby.  In addition hands on treatment and corrective exercise, it also includes Somatic Pelvic Care to release trauma and emotions stored in the body from birth, challenges with feeding, and the identity shift of new parenting.   


This package can be combined with  Empowered Birth Prep for a deeply supportive and healing journey through birth and postpartum.

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Somatic Pelvic Care 

Customized care plans for your pelvic health needs.


Somatic Pelvic Care weaves traditional hands on/in physical therapy tools with energy medicine, pelvic embodiment practices, and mind-body based coaching. 


Whether you are living with pelvic pain, pain with intimacy, or pregnancy related pain, you will be gently guided back home into your body, unlocking your bodies innate healing capacity and unwinding the narratives, beliefs, and layers of shame keeping you from living with more flow, ease, and pleasure in your life. 

The Body Temple

Course + Community + Coaching


The Body Temple is a brave space for wombyn to come together in community and explore the themes of body love, womb/feminine health, sensuality, pleasure, and more.  


Over the course of 12 months you will feel deeply held in transforming your life from the inside out, embodying connection to your  truth, clarity in your desire, and grounded confidence.  

For heart centered mothers, caregivers, and empaths ready to let go of the lifetime (and often generational) cycle of people pleasing so you can finally connect to your deeper truths and design a life that honors YOU, too.

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Not Sure What Package Will Be The Best Fit?

Schedule a discovery session to get clear on what is keeping you stuck, where you want to be, and clear plan on what level of support will help you get there. 

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