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Thank you for Applying!
Your application will be reviewed, Tara will reach out to you directly re next steps within 48 hours

While you wait for your approval and call, please watch these beautiful testimonial videos from current members in The Body Temple!

Getting to the root of patterns from the past, and the powerful magic of group coaching!

As a nonbinary person, I was worried that I would not feel welcome in this space.  Pregnancy, brith and parenthood as a nonbinary person has felt isolating at times.  However, my favorite part about being in The Body Temple has been connecting with other parents who are navigating similar challenges. 

Using The Inner Rhythm Map and Inner Rhythm Reset has provided a structure for getting in tune with my body and getting to the root of my limiting beliefs and negative cycles that have haunted me for years.  These tools will be something I use for years. 

I've been surprised at how much I looked forward to the weekly coaching call and class. I was nervous about the group coaching becasue it is such a vulnerable space, but that is exactly what is great about it!
Sometimes I get as much out of listening to others getting coached as I'd get from my own coaching, and it felt so validating to know that many o
f us are struggling with the same challenges. 

I first worked with Tara during my pregnancy and after two weeks of practicing the simple exercises she suggested, my pain was gone and I was able to navigate my third trimester with relative comfort.  I felt safe and comfortable with her immediately.  
Tara emanates joy, holds space for others with ease, and has the wisdom and experience to evaluate and help resolve problems, from the pelvic floor and beyond. 

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