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Reconnect to your body, breath, and pelvic floor after baby.

(without doing 1000's of Kegals)

Have you been doing kegals and exercises but still struggling with incontinence or pain?


Healing your pelvic floor postpartum is about more than JUST doing kegals, in fact, kegals can actually make your symptoms of incontinence and pain worse.


Through this guided mediation you will slow down and tune back into your body, breath, and pelvic floor to discover the foundation for a stable core and a strong connection to self.

Benefits of this Meditation

  • Tune into your body and reconnect to your sense of self. You can easily get lost in the transition to motherhood, whether this is your first baby or your last. Taking time to tend to yourself and tune into your body is essential for having the capacity care for others. 

  • Bring awareness to your pelvic floor’s natural movements. 

  • Learn to re-engage your diaphragm and ribcage properly for improved core stability, support, and function. 

  • Decrease your stress and calm your nervous system to feel more calm, grounded, and centered.

About Dr. Tara Morrison


Tara Morrison, founder of Inner Rhythm Wellness,  is an integrative Doctor of Physical Therapy and certified Women's Health Coach who specializes in postpartum wellness. She helps women in early motherhood reconnect to themselves to heal mind, body and spirit after birth.

Her approach is trauma informed and rooted in nervous system healing through an eclectic blend of physical therapy tools, stress management, lifestyle medicine, energy medicine and mindfulness.


In addition, she is a mama to two sweet boys and it is through this journey that she brings her personal experience, expertise, and passion together in order to serve women in the postpartum phase of life. She offers in-home integrative physical therapy in the Seattle area and virtual 1:1 and group health coaching.

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