Unwind your stress and rewire your brain for more compassion, connection, and calm.

This 13 session group program will help you uncover and heal the root of stored patterns of stress and trauma that are showing up within your mothering journey through three main themes of transformation ritual, rhythm, and resonance.

Next session Winter 2022. Limited Spots Available.

What if everything you’ve ever been told about self care after having a baby is total B.S.

That your body's actual needs are totally different from what society has led you to believe.  What if you could transform your self care practices to nourish you instead of further drain you?  And that it’s actually super simple. 


If you know you need a new strategy for connecting to yourself and your children in motherhood, this is for you, Mama.


Themes for Transformation




Learn to slow down and incorporate daily resilience rituals into your daily life for a more mindful and intentional way of relating to yourself and your daily journey through motherhood.




Develop self awareness skills and learn tools to tune into your inner rhythms and feminine power. Learn how the rhythm of stress shows up in your body and strategies to protect your energy, ask and receive support, build healthier boundaries, and live in sync with the natural rhythms occurring within and outside of you, your feminine flow.  




Implement evidence based neuroscience tools to manage your stress and regulate your nervous system including simple but powerful heart coherence building techniques by the Heart Math Institute that not only deepen your resonance with yourself but help you to deepen your connection and resonance to your children, partner, and community as well. 

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Who is this course best for?

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You are a mother with children ages 0-5 and recognize you are coming face to face with old stress and trauma patterns that are keeping you from fully showing up in your life.

You are ready to commit to making healthier habits, but you just need some guidance and accountability. And who doesn’t want to be in a community with fellow mama’s all working toward the same badass goal?

You are empowered through knowing how and why your body works the way it does. You like to nerd out on the science of things...but you want the complexities laid out in a simple and digestible way. 

You haven't taken a holistic approach to your health before. You know your stress management, diet, exercise, and general lifestyle could use a serious refresh. 

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You want to take control of your stress. You want a roadmap for improving your health that is backed in science, experience, and outcomes, but that also seeped in wisdom, intuition, and spirituality.

You are spending loads of energy every day staying stuck in your patterns and running stories of guilt and shame in the background.

You have a trauma history AND have either worked with a therapist in the past OR are currently working with a therapist. If not, you agree to work in tandem with a therapist in case anything should be brought to the surface that you need to process. 

You are suffering from anxiety and depression you are working in tandem with a therapist, or have a therapist that you have a relationship with. 

You want to have fun while working on the hard stuff. 

If you said yes to at least 5 of the above, then I can’t wait to see you inside The Resilient Mother Method because you, my dear, are a perfect fit!

You’re ready to…

  • To prioritize yourself within motherhood, so you can show up as the mother you truly are underneath it all. 

  • To stop lashing out at your spouse and/or children. You are done being at the whim of your stress and trauma patterns and take control of your stress.  

  • To maximize your energy by living in tune with your natural feminine energy cycles and honoring your boundaries.

  • To find balance within. To no longer be driven by the anxieties of your mind or the depression of your soul. To find a place of inner calm despite the outer chaos of motherhood. 

  • To rewrite your story. Whether that be a story tied to past trauma, birth trauma, or family patterns. You are ready to model a new path forward for your children and the generations that come after you.

  • To reclaim your instincts and find your spark.

  • To tap into your intuition and inner power. 

  • To do deep, belief-shifting healing.  So you can show up as your most authentic self in every aspect of your lift.

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I will help you show up as the most loving, nurturing, and connected mother that you can by:

Activating more Energy to be present and actively engaged with your children, your work, your life:

Actually waking up with zest for the day and being able to focus and make it through without fueling with caffeine and sugar all day.  Having the energy to stay present and connected as you play with your kids, or showing up as your best at work.

Balancing Moods (hi hormones!) so that you are no longer riding a rollercoaster of anxiety, guilt, and depression:

Feeling grounded in your body. Being the mindful and present woman and mother that you envision. Feeling like you are finally in control of your stress and able to ride the wave of motherhood, instead of drowning in it.

Deepening connection to yourself, rekindling those parts of you that has been lost during your transition to motherhood:

Remembering what it was like to tend to yourself first, to prioritize your needs and spiritual practices. To rekindle that spark you had with yourself AND your partner before your children were born.

And I know you want all of these things, but you want more too…


Balanced Moods


More Energy

Deep  Connection

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you want to feel confident in your role as a mother and to get your sparkle back


you want motivation to exercise and eat healthy, to be a positive role model for your family


you want to consciously parent in your own way, not how you were raised or society's pressures of what a "good" or "perfect" mother should do. 


you want to slow down and actually be present for these fleeting moments of your child’s life before they are big and grown.

If this sounds like you, The Resilient Mother Method will transform your life!

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You’ve Got Questions, I’ve Got Answers.

I’m not sure this will work for me. Can you tell me more about who this works best for?

This program works best for mothers who are around 0-5 years postpartum. You have already done “work” to address some of these patterns, but you are looking for more of a somatic and body based approach.

Is this an adjunct for therapy or other medical treatment?

No. I am not a licensed mental health therapist and although I hold a license as a physical therapist I am in no way diagnosing or treating you for any health condition. As a health coach I love to partner with your current therapist, doctor, acupuncturist and other members of your medical team. In fact, I believe a team based approach is essential.

How much time do I realistically need to commit to complete this program?

I've done my absolute very best to make each section of this program simple, to the point, and easy to digest. Each week there will be either a group coaching call or an individual coaching call ranging from 40-90 minutes in length. In addition to the weekly group calls there will be 3 evening moon gatherings, 90 minutes in length, where we dive deeper into feminine embodiment practices. There is optional learning content each week and you will have access to the program for a full year, so you can always come back to the content at your leisure. True change is slow, I am giving you tools to start living and taking care of yourself in a new way. We each have our own pace for learning and integrating this work, so you have the space to go at your own pace.

I’m not sure I can always make the live group call, will it be recorded?

The group coaching calls will be recorded and replays will be available. These group coaching calls are where the magic happens, the women that have completed this in the past have absolutely loved the community aspect and the accountability that comes with these sessions.

Why should I invest in this program, can’t my doctor help me with this?

Most western based doctors tend toward fixing the symptoms. Giving you a pill, shot, or some other quick fix to remedy your problem. Unless you are working with another integrative or functional medicine based provider you may not be getting guidance around the role of nutrition, stress, and hormones. This program is aimed at getting to the ROOT of what is going on. Diet is one piece, but the layers of stress and trauma are what is really driving your dis-ease.

How is your program different from similar courses or articles teaching me how to practice stress reduction and mindfulness?

This is a very comprehensive program that pulls from many schools of thought. You can deep dive further into mindfulness and stress reduction techniques for sure. But I am not aware of another program that really works to empower you through understanding how your body works from stress, to digestion, to hormones, to energy, to menstrual cycles, while keeping it simple, digestible, and engaging. I break it all down for you and also offer you a safe space to learn. If you want to be empowered through knowledge and science back neuroscience tools, this program is the program for you.

Is it ok if my kids are present during the live sessions, I don’t have child care assistance?

Yes! Of course.

What’s Included

  • Get to the root of what is keeping you stressed through three private 1:1 coaching sessions with Dr. Tara Morrison. 

    • You will complete a Women’s Health Assessment to the areas of your life that are holding you back.  From this assessment, you will get personalized support, coaching, and set specific goals targeted to your individual needs. 

  • 13 group coaching sessions where you will learn a somatic-based practice and receive group coaching around the weekly topic related to the themes of ritual, rhythm, and resonance. 

  • Understand your rhythms of stress and how your physiology is responding to stress throughout the day using a Garmin Smartwatch.  

    • Tracking of sleep, stress, activity, and heart rate variability is used in your 1:1 sessions and to guide group coaching sessions for further personalization of your own needs. 

    • Through this awareness, you can implement specific strategies to improve your stress and heart rate variability. 

  • An Inner Rhythm Journal for written exercises, journal prompts, and daily health tracking to keep all elements of your transformation together in one place.

  • Community and connection in an off-facebook platform hosted by Mighty Networks.  Stay connected throughout the program for further discussion, questions, and support through a convenient app-based community.

  • Virtual resource library with lifetime access to the Resilient Mother Collective 

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Bonus Content

  • Inner Rhythm Journal: a journal with specific prompts and daily exercises to keep you on track as you move through the program

  • Garmin watch plus stress and health metric tracking for tailored lifestyle medicine based on your personal stress data. 

  • Clean it up: Detoxing your home products, makeup products, cleaning products.

  • Nature as an Ally: Using nature and plant based medicine as a healing modality.

  • Pelvic Floor Mapping: Exploring the terrain of your inner feminine root through pelvic self care. 

  • Creating your Soul Setlist: creating nervous system resonance through music.

The Module Breakdown

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