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Find the hidden gift in your birth story, the key to unlocking generational pain cycles and embody the joy  of mothering from the heart- calm, connection, compassionate, giving your child the BEST start to their life. 

Deeply heal your body, mind, and spirit after birth trauma.  Reconnecting to your deepest soul essence and embracing your most pleasure filled life using a simple framework of ritual, rhythm, and resonance.  

What if everything you’ve ever been told about self care after having a baby is total B.S.

That your body's actual needs are totally different from what society has led you to believe.  What if you could transform your self care practices to nourish you instead of further drain you?  And that it’s actually super simple. 


If you know you need a new strategy for connecting to yourself and your children in motherhood, this is for you.


Themes for Transformation




Learn to slow down and incorporate daily resilience rituals into your daily life for a more mindful and intentional way of relating to yourself and your daily journey through motherhood.




Develop self awareness skills and learn tools to tune into your inner rhythms and feminine power. Learn how the rhythm of stress shows up in your body and strategies to protect your energy, ask and receive support, build healthier boundaries, and live in sync with the natural rhythms occurring within and outside of you, your feminine flow.  




Implement evidence based neuroscience tools to manage your stress and regulate your nervous system including simple but powerful heart coherence building techniques by the Heart Math Institute that not only deepen your resonance with yourself but help you to deepen your connection and resonance to your children, partner, and community as well. 

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Who is the Resilient Mother best for?

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You are a mother with children ages 0-7 and recognize you are coming face to face with old stress and trauma patterns that are keeping you from fully showing up in your life.

You gravitate toward gentle parenting practices but continue to feel frustrated with your triggers.


You've struggled with feeling "good enough", even your birth experience has left you questioning if you are a good mother.


You have tried therapy, and while it's been helpful, you are recognizing there is more to be processed.  You are looking for a trauma informed approach that embraces the mind- body connection. 

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You want to take control of your stress. You want a roadmap for improving your health that is backed in science, experience, and outcomes, but that also seeped in wisdom, intuition, and spirituality.

You are spending loads of energy every day staying stuck in your patterns and running stories of guilt and shame in the background.

You have a trauma history AND have either worked with a therapist in the past OR are currently working with a therapist. If not, you agree to work in tandem with a therapist in case anything should be brought to the surface that you need to process. 

You are ready to get to the ROOT of the issue and heal

If you said yes to at least 5 of the above, then I can’t wait to see you inside The Resilient Mother Method because you, my dear, are a perfect fit!

You’re ready to…

  • To prioritize yourself within motherhood, so you can show up as the mother you truly are underneath it all. 

  • To stop lashing out at your spouse and/or children. You are done being at the whim of your stress and trauma patterns and take control of your stress.  

  • To maximize your energy by living in tune with your natural feminine energy cycles and honoring your boundaries.

  • To find balance within. To no longer be driven by the anxieties of your mind or the depression of your soul. To find a place of inner calm despite the outer chaos of motherhood. 

  • To rewrite your story. Whether that be a story tied to past trauma, birth trauma, or family patterns. You are ready to model a new path forward for your children and the generations that come after you.

  • To reclaim your instincts and find your spark.

  • To tap into your intuition and inner power. 

  • To do deep, belief-shifting healing.  So you can show up as your most authentic self in every aspect of your life.

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I will help you show up as the most loving, nurturing, and connected mother that you can by:

Activating more Energy to be present and actively engaged with your children, your work, your life:

Actually waking up with zest for the day and being able to focus and make it through without fueling with caffeine and sugar all day.  Having the energy to stay present and connected as you play with your kids, or showing up as your best at work.

Balancing Moods (hi hormones!) so that you are no longer riding a rollercoaster of anxiety, guilt, and depression:

Feeling grounded in your body. Being the mindful and present woman and mother that you envision. Feeling like you are finally in control of your stress and able to ride the wave of motherhood, instead of drowning in it.

Deepening connection to yourself, rekindling those parts of you that has been lost during your transition to motherhood:

Remembering what it was like to tend to yourself first, to prioritize your needs and spiritual practices. To rekindle that spark you had with yourself AND your partner before your children were born.

And I know you want all of these things, but you want more too…


Balanced Moods


More Energy

Deep  Connection

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you want to feel confident in your role as a mother and to get your sparkle back


you want motivation to exercise and eat healthy, to be a positive role model for your family


you want to consciously parent in your own way, not how you were raised or society's pressures of what a "good" or "perfect" mother should do. 


you want to slow down and actually be present for these fleeting moments of your child’s life before they are big and grown.

If this sounds like you, The Resilient Mother Method will transform your life!

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  • What happens after I apply and enroll?
    Applying for The Body Temple requires you to fill out an application form and book a call with Tara to determine which membership tier is best for you. You can join the the self paced Temple of Reverence and The Temple of The Moon workshop memebership at anytime. Doors to the higher level membership tiers open two times a year. After you have enrolled in The Body Temple you will be added to our private community on Mighty Networks where the courses and events are hosted. I If you are adding on 1:1 Somatic Pelvic Care sessions with Tara, you will schedule those on your application call or at enrollment.
  • Is this an adjunct for therapy or other medical treatment?
    No. I am not a licensed mental health therapist and although I hold a license as a physical therapist I am in no way diagnosing or treating you for any mental or physical health condition. Most participants find that this work deepens the work they are doing with their healthcare team including mental health therapy. And often is the piece they were missing in their mental health regimine. As coach I love to partner with your current therapist, doctor, acupuncturist and other members of your medical team. In fact, I believe a team based approach is essential.
  • How much time do I realistically need to commit to complete this program?
    The virtual course is self paced with each lesson around 45-60 minutes long. There will be on average one lesson per week. The modules are all unlocked at purchase but it's recommended you start at the beginning and move through the modules as paced per the group schedule. You can move as quickly or slowly as you wish, but I have intentionally paced the modules with integration periods in to keep you on a consistent forward path. Each week there will be a 90 minute group coaching call and 2x per month there will be another movement/breath/or embodiment workshop 60-90 min in length. The embodiment practices enhance the work but can also be completed when you have time. Most tof he transformative work happens in the group coaching calls. I recommend 30 minutes per day for tuning into your body (15 min) and reflections (15min), My goal is to teach you skills you can implement in your day to day without needing to block off a huge chunk of time. It is also recommended to begin integrating daily movement of at least 15 minutes, this can be as simple as a walk or short yoga flow.
  • I’m not sure I can always make the live group call, will it be recorded?
    The group coaching calls will be recorded and replays will be available. These group coaching calls are where the magic happens, the women that have completed this in the past have absolutely loved the community aspect and the accountability that comes with these sessions. That being said, members who are doing the course at their own pace and watching the replays report getting high value out of the coaching sessions, and also feel connected to the group due to the vulnerability and openness in the coaching containers despite not being present for the calls.
  • Why should I invest in this program, can’t my doctor help me with this?
    Most western based doctors tend toward fixing the symptoms. Giving you a pill, shot, or some other quick fix to remedy your problem. Unless you are working with another integrative or functional medicine based provider you may not be getting guidance around the role of nutrition, stress, trauma, and hormones. This program is aimed at getting to the ROOT of what is going on. Diet is one piece, but the layers of stress and trauma are what is really driving your dis-ease. We unpack all of this in this program.
  • Can't I just learn this in a book?
    This work is culmination of my 13 years of professional work studying physical and energetic healing, lifestyle and functional medicine, polyvagal theory, trauma, mind-body based healing strategies, neuroplasticity, yogic and pilates philosophy and exercises systems. And sprinkled with my lifetime journey spiritual journey, intuitive development, love for dance and movement, and my personal healing experiences. I have not come across one single book that addresses all of these elements in one. AND...the whole purpose of The Body Temple is to get you out of using just your head (or brain) and connect to the power, wisdom, and healing available IN your body. While also giving your brain just enough education to empower you forward.
  • Is it ok if my kids are present during the live sessions, I don’t have child care assistance?
    Yes! Of course. I get that being a parent comes with challenges when embarking on your healing journey. Kiddos and babies are always welcome to be on your hip, chest/breast, or playing next to you.
  • Can I work 1:1 with Tara?
    YES- you can sign up for the VIP package which includes one 1:1 session per month.
  • What are the payment options?
    You can either pay in full upfront or split payment into 6 or 12 monthly payments depending on the membership tier. There are no refunds for this course, please be clear in your commitment to yourself and your ability to participate in this work. If you would like to chat with Tara around other payment plans or financing options you can do so during your application call.

What’s Included

  • Birth Story Healing Session

    • Find the hidden gift within your story and somatically unwind your birth while restoring the energy of your birth field.  

  • 13 1:1 coaching sessions where you will learn individualized tools to support your journey and receive personalized energy medicine and somatic based coaching to deepen your healing journey. 

  • An Inner Rhythm Journal for written exercises, journal prompts, and daily health tracking to keep all elements of your transformation together in one place.

  • A resource library of educational Resilient Mother Videos

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The Journey

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Bonus Content

  • Inner Rhythm Journal: a journal with specific prompts and daily exercises to keep you on track as you move through the program​​

  • Pelvic Floor Mapping: Exploring the terrain of your inner feminine root through pelvic self care. 

  • Creating your Soul Setlist: creating nervous system resonance through music.

Find the gift in your birth story, Embody the medicine your family is craving

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