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Radical Self Care Explained

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Commonly defined, radical self care is the practice of prioritizing your self care needs.  In other words, NOT waiting until after you have taken care of everyone and everything else.  

I’m going to take it a step further. Radical Self Care, at its core, is a mindset shift around what the definition of self care is. Yes, it is prioritizing your practice of self care daily, but in a way that prioritizes nervous system balance and regulation. Radical Self Care is a foundational way of living. This is necessary because as caregivers, the quality of our nurturing we provide to our children is directly correlated with the quality of nurturing we show to ourselves. 

Now just reading this definition you might think that sounds crazy and impossible to do in motherhood. 

That may have been possible in your pre-kids world, but what does that even look like with children to tend to?

And a global pandemic changing our access to resources and support?

But I’m here to tell you that it is not only possible but absolutely NECESSARY!

Implementing Radical Self Care can be done with an implementation of simple strategies. 

1. Commit to tuning into yourself. Your inner rhythm, listening to your body, your needs, and the stories you tell yourself.  


2. Implement self-care/nervous system regulation strategies throughout your day WHILE you are tending to your children, at work, working on the house, or all the other to-do’s on your list. 

Healthy Examples of Radical Self Care (from a nervous system perspective) include:

  • Asking for and receiving help 

  • Setting and holding healthy boundaries

  • Choosing foods that nourish your body and eating in a stress-free (or stress-less) environment. 

  • Exercising in a way that balances your nervous system

  • Building awareness of your stress triggers and regulation techniques

  • Practicing self compassion

  • Implementing daily resilience rituals, exercises as tools designed to help regulate your nervous system.

  • Embracing your feminine flow and essence, learning about your unique rhythmic and cyclical nature as a female and embracing your unique feminine energy.

  • Connecting with friends and nature

Committing to the practice of regularly tuning-in to your inner rhythm by practicing radical self care will create a foundation of health for years to come. 

I teach all of these tools and more within the 12 week group coaching program The Resilient Mother Method and within the 1:1 work I do with my health coaching clients.

If you are ready to start prioritizing all of YOU in motherhood, click here to book a complimentary call with me, and I can’t wait to dive in with you. 


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