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Little Sparks of Joy

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Welcome to my blog! A place for my thoughts and musings pertaining to motherhood, women’s health, nutrition, mind-body-spirit connection, and fitness. I’m a woman, mother, doctor of physical therapy, certified pilates instructor, yoga lover, dance machine, music lover and free spirit. 10 months ago I gave birth to my beautiful son, August, a rite of passage that started my journey into motherhood. The transition to motherhood has been, well, exactly that, a transition. And somewhere in that transition the definition of ME started to become lost in a sea of sleep deprivation, hormones, suboptimal nutrition, lack of exercise and all the beautiful moments caring for a newborn. This blog is born out of my quest to implement better self care in order to find the ME in Mama.

There were a few practices I implemented early on that helped bring me back to me. The first was getting back to things that sparked joy. Part of rediscovery, of getting in touch with our essence is just this, cultivating that which brings us JOY. During the end of my pregnancy I was obsessed with British baking show. In fact, I binged watched it to survive week 40 and 41 of my pregnancy. I was inspired to make a cake for my husbands birthday and at 4 months postpartum decided to give it a go. I have been finding the JOY in baking cakes for my loved one since. Now you may be thinking..."isn't this a wellness blog", yes, yes it is. But I also believe in the importance of celebration and birthday cake is part of that. This process made me realize how much creativity is a part of my being, how it centers me and brings me back home. You can see some of my creations below :) I also find it as way to give back, to my biggest supporters throughout this transition. A thank you from the kitchen of my heart.

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