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The waiting game...

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Today marks 40 weeks pregnant + 1 day. I think the waiting game is an appropriate title for this phase of a pregnancy. The average first pregnancy lasts 41 weeks, the average second is 40 weeks +3 days. I remember this feeling the first time around, my body is so ready to no longer be pregnant and I can't wait to meet the little guy, sleep is getting ever more difficult and uncomfortable, although I'm wanting to get as much as I can in preparation for the sleep deprivation that lies ahead. But also, life is going to change, so he could stay in there a little bit longer as I enjoy some precious moments with August and Cody now that I'm officially on maternity leave. And check a few more items off of my to-do list at home. I'm feeling more and more emotionally vulnerable and sensitive as my body begins to open up and prepare for birth. I can feel and see the signs of labor coming, but it's still not here.

But maybe in an hour...or in a week.

Tik-tock, tik-tock, tik-tock...

During periods of waiting its difficult to stay present, but that is exactly what my body is calling me to do. I find myself more easily distracted with social media and searching about progressions of second babies. When I know all to well every labor is different, every progression is different. So this morning I am setting the intention to be more present, patient, and trust that the little one will come when he is ready, in is own way, and on his own time schedule. Because that is what babies do! Time to sit and be present with myself (see my mindful presence practice here), journal, meditate, move my body, laugh and enjoy the silliness of my family as it is now. Because change is a coming, and with change comes transition, and with transition comes beauty and mess all in the name of growth.

But we are so ready to meet you little one! You can come anytime. xoxo Your Mama

41.3 UPDATE...

I figured I might as well give an update to this blog since the little babe is still cooking in there. Looking back on the past week I am incredibly grateful for the extra time I've had. My to-do list of house projects is done, the house is clean, baby gear is set up, I've connected with August and Cody both individually and collectively, and I've found little pockets of time to myself for self care, reading, and a little biz building too. I've settled into a lovely place of being present and enjoying the space and time that I do have right now. Knowing that could change any minute, and if the weekend rolls around and he is still not here we will start to work on induction strategies (cervical sweep and castor oil to start). I've also been able to experience having a non-stress test and amniotic fluid check, both which I didn't need the first go around since August arrived right at 41 weeks. We will get to hold him and meet him so soon. Until then, I am soaking up every minute of life as it is right now.

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